Flyonix Aerials for Walking With Elephants – The new GH4

14 Jan

Flyonix Aerials for Walking With Elephants – The new GH4

‘One of the biggest tunes of the year has been given a video of equal value this week thanks to director, NEZ, and Riff Raff Films …the video hosts staggering aerial shots of ambiguous characters running along a beautiful coastal location, using black and white colors against the scenery’s natural green and blue layout.’

 – Jonah, NestHQ



This summer, Flyonix were part of the production team for the new Ten Walls video ‘Walking with Elephants’. Flyonix were commissioned to provide 4k aerial shots for the music video, filmed in the south east of England.


Working together with RiffRaff films and award-winning director Nez, we spent two days filming at a variety of awesome locations, and spent time with a group of amazing Flyboarders, who provided the amazing visuals for the dolphin-like scenes.


Walking with Elephants GH4 4K


Using our custom Hexacopter, the aerial sequences were shot with a Panasonic Lumix GH4 with a 12mm T1.6 Hyper-prime lens. The camera itself looks quite unassuming considering how compact and lightweight it is, not to mention the fact that it costs considerably less than most other 4K cameras. Despite this the GH4 has some awesome processing power, and produced some fantastic footage.


Walking with Elephants GH4 4K


The ground based shots were all filmed using an Arri Alexa, while the shots taken at sea were filmed using a special lens assembly from Panavision. It’s a revolution lens, which allows the image to be rotated during filming without loss of edges etc.


Walking with Elephants GH4 4K


Here is a courtesy shot of us getting trigger happy with filters! Setup is shown using a Paralinx Tomahawk downlink with TV logic client monitor, Panasonic GH4 camera and custom Flyonix Hexacopter with a Flyonix F25 Camera gimbal.


Have you tried the Panasonic GH4 yet?? We’d love to hear from you, just leave a reply in the comments section below!


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