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As we’re sure you’re all aware, Las Vegas played host to the 2015 NAB last week.


With over 1700 exhibitors, NAB showcases the best in ‘emerging technologies and the latest innovations’ from companies around the world.

With this we can of course expect some big announcements in terms of up and coming products and technology. We’ve made a short but rather exciting list of our favourite things announced at NAB 2015:


NAB 2015

1. SmallHD 502 and Sidefinder EVF

The first off our list is a product we’re quite excited about as we’re stocking it in our very own shop (you can see the product page for the 502 here).

Part of the up and coming 500 series, the SmallHD 502 Monitor is a compact SDI & HDMI monitor with a full HD, 1920×1080 LCD display. Despite being just 5-inches in monitor size, the camera-top monitor boasts a pixel density greater than that of the iPhone 6, with top of the range colour and contrast.


NAB 2015

Announced alongside this new monitor is the Sidefinder EVF, a fully featured HD viewfinder with a handy 1080p flip-out display (shop for this product here)

In many ways the Sidefinder is similar to the EVF released with the DP4 back in 2012, but with vast improvements, including higher resolution (720p EVF/1080p LCD), Increased signal processing and more advanced software, with improved durability in the form of shock-mounted displays and circuit boards.

It is also compatible with a wide range of popular mounting solutions, allowing the monitor to be mounted closely to the camera during use.

Ben was lucky enough to get his hands on one of these monitors prior to their announcement and he was particularly impressed with the ease of use and form factor, noting the clear display menus and new joystick navigation.



NAB 2015

2. Red Weapon

To most people the idea of 4K is still a form of technology yet to prove itself to a wider audience. Apparently the team at Red disagree. It wasn’t long ago they were announcing 6K capable cameras, and this time they’ve got one up again. Cue the 8K RAW-capable Red Weapon, a planned upgrade to the Red Dragon sensor.

We know it’ll have an 8,192 x 4,320, 35-megapixel sensor and a 40.96 x 21.6mm chip, but apart from that not a lot more has really been disclosed in terms of spec. We do know however that it’s going to be rather expensive (post-NAB upgrades start at the $20,000 mark), so a RED Weapon direct from the factory is going to be around $50,000 aiming for an end of year release date.



NAB 2015

3. Blackmagic Micro Cameras

Another two new products coming to our shop are the all-new Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera ad the Micro Studio 4K Camera.

The Micro Cinema is a 16mm digital film camera build with remote operation in mind. Use of a remote will allow the user to capture film wirelessly as well as adjust important elements including focus, iris and zoom.

Blackmagic design are advertising it as the ‘worlds smallest digital film camera’, and it really is tiny – just 2.57” tall and 3.25” wide. A handy expansion port gives the user the choice to attach remote control options, as well as external power and monitor solutions. Other features include HDMI output, a 3.5mm audio in jack, integrated stereo microphones, and the SD card recorder.

You can see more specifications for the Micro Cinema camera, and pre-order your own here



NAB 2015

In similar style to the Micro Cinema, the Micro Studio 4K is being dubbed ‘the world’s smallest Ultra HD live studio camera’, and again sits at a tiny 2.57”X3.25”. Despite the compact sizing, the camera has been made for live production, using either HD or Ultra HD video formats.

The Studio 4K boasts a range of features including a built in colour corrector, talkback, backup battery and an adaptable MFT lens mount, features that Blackmagic are confident make the Studio 4K much better quality than many of the larger existing studio cameras available.

For more specs and pre-order for the Micro Studio 4K, click here



NAB 2015

4. DJI Ronin M

The team at DJI have announced the release of the Ronin M, a new gimbal that features all the features of the original model but with considerable upgrades, including increased functionality, a more compact size and a magnesium frame much lighter in weight.

The Ronin M weighs just 2.3kg (that’s 5lbs for imperial readers) and as previously mentioned is a smaller and more compact shape and size, but this doesn’t mean carrying weight has to be compromised. The Ronin M is still strong enough to carry up to 3.6kg (8lbs) worth of camera setup. A new and improved Auto Tune Stability system also means that getting set up takes less than 5 minutes, good for those looking for something simple but efficient.

No official pricing yet, but it’s estimated it’ll be under the $2000 mark. Release date is also as of yet unconfirmed but it’s looking to be the end of the month. Either way this is a product we will be watching very closely, so keep an eye out on our blog pages for more information.



NAB 2015

5. Freefly Alta

From the makers of the popular MoVI comes the Freefly Ata. To quote their website, Freefly claim the Alta is ‘designed to make your life as an elite aerial cinematographer more fun’.

Simplicity seems to be a key focus, with the ALTA presented neatly in its own Peli Case, ready to simply unfold and fly. It’s also designed with intentions to be used with other Freefly products such as their Synapse Flight Controllers and MoVI stabilisers for the best results. New design has allowed the Alta to mount your camera setup on top of the multi-rotor rather than beneath, useful for those wishing to film from certain angles, and the payload capacity is a sturdy 6.8kg/15lbs, meaning cameras such as the Red Dragon, Sony F55 and Alexa Mini will fly with no weight-related problems.

Reported to be going on sale at $8,495, the estimated release date for the Freefly Alta is some time in June.


Did we miss something from our list? What announcements from NAB got you most excited? Let us know in the comments box below this blog!


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